Southwest Fox 2007

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Here's what attendees have said about previous conferences:

I have now attended every Southwest Fox conference and I will continue to set aside October for Southwest Fox. The friendly atmosphere at Southwest Fox promotes the easy exchange of ideas and development of professional relationships. I have made many friends while there, and the practical and theoretical knowledge I have obtained I now implement routinely. Attendees should be sure to plan a vacation around their trip to Arizona to enjoy its warmth and many natural spectacles! In summary Southwest Fox is of great educational value, friendly and ideal location.

Ted Gregg
Senior Systems Analyst
WellSpan Health Biomedical Engineering
York, PA

The technical content at Southwest Fox is top-notch. At most conferences, I'm ready to start skipping sessions by the second day. At SWFox 2006, every session was a gem. I wouldn't have missed any of them. I also like the relaxed, low-key atmosphere. Unlike at other conferences, there's plenty of time to chat to other developers, meet up with old friends and make new contacts. I'll definitely come again.

Mike Lewis

If you only go to one FoxPro conference it should be SWFox. If you are not planning on attending a FoxPro conference you should go to SWFox. It is the best value your training dollar can buy. The speakers are all top notch. The experience gained from just one session can easily pay for the cost of the conference. I have attended every SWFox conference held and found each and every one to be extremely beneficial. You can't afford to miss this opportunity to learn what is new and exciting in VFP.

Bud Wheeler

I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on SWFox 2007. I think it was one of the best conferences I have been to in a while. The buzz was amazing. I think everyone went home with a full head and ready to take on their projects.

Toni Feltman
F1 Technologies
Toledo, OH

Everyone I talked to was excited to be there, and you could feel the energy level running throughout the conference. I got totally re-energized by this.

Rick Borup
Information Technology Associates
Champaign, IL

I just wanted to thank you all for putting on a great conference this year. I've been to either Whilfest or Southwest Fox every year since 2001 and I think this was the best conference I have attended.

Walt Krzystek
Matrix Imaging Solutions, Inc.
Sanborn, NY

Thanks so much for including Andy and me in this terrific event! It was one of the best conferences we have ever been to.

Marcia Akins
Tightline Computers, Inc.
Akron, OH

This conference worked out really well and is maybe the first Fox conference in years that didn't have that feeling of a Democles Sword hanging over it. Most people I talked to at the conference were upbeat and excited with the stuff they saw and weren't constantly going on about the future of Fox which is good to see.

In addition the staff at the conference center was exceptional.

I also want to thank you for putting this on - it worked out awesome in combination with the Web Connection training before the conference. I had the highest turn out of any previous Web Connection training with nearly 40 attendees most of whom left highly fired up and ready for more when they headed off to SWFox.

Rick Strahl
West Wind Technologies
Maui, HI

Southwest Fox 2007 was one of the best (if not THE best) conferences I've been too! I walked away with a ton of ideas and a sense of excitement, and that hasn't happened for me at a conference in years. The speaker selection was excellent. There were so many good sessions, it was impossible to see everything I wanted. You all did a great job, and I'm looking forward to next year's conference. (By the way, we saved $1100 by buying products at the conference. These were things we needed anyway, so the conference literally paid for itself!)

Joel Leach
MBS, Inc.
Franklin, TN

2007 was my first SWFox. I highly recommend this conference to anyone interested in updating their skill-set and knowledge of VFP. This conference was on-par or better than the best Advisor conferences I have attended in the past. If you are interested in experiencing a the value and power of the Fox community in person, try this one out. You will be pleased.

Stacy Violett
Black Mountain Software
Polson, MT

Great conference! I think I learned more about Foxpro in a weekend there than I did in 6 months on my own.

Chris Wolf
Stonefield Software Inc.
Regina, SK Canada

Southwest Fox was CLEARLY organized by veteran conference attendees/speakers who knew where all the gripes are. There were no gripes. Your attention to the
details that always bothered all of us showed ... All speakers were terrific. If I had to pick a standout, it would be Cathy Pountney's session on controlling printers. She rang frigging bells. It's been a long time since I sat at the end of a session thinking "WOW!" but she did it ... I don't impress easily. You guys did it.

Dan Freeman
P+W Software
Westlake Village, CA

I want to thank all of you again for putting on an awesome conference ... This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended!

Jeff Simon
Datamark Corp.
Lincolnwood, IL

Thank you for a great conference, my first one and it was worth the very long flight from Wales.

Rhian Eyres
Welsh Blood Service
Pontyclun, Wales

I also wanted to thank you for the excellent conference you had organized. It was first class all around from the quality of information to the amenities.

Mike Aleshin
Matrix Imaging Solutions, Inc.
Sanborn, NY

I really did enjoy the Southwest Fox conference. Things ran very smoothly and the accommodations and food were just fine. I'd be happy to see it held in the same place again next year. I know there's a TON of unseen "work" involved in preparing such a conference, in addition to actually "executing" it. You guys did a great job !!

Sue Cunningham
Software Gallery, LLC
Laramie, Wyoming

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. It was informative as well as fun. I was a bit nervous about the conference. It's been about 8 years since I've done any serious FoxPro programming and I have never been to a programming conference before. I was intimidated with the possibility of being the village idiot.

What I found was a group of people who were friendly, helpful and who had a sense of camaraderie. Old friendships were renewed and everyone looked forward with a positive air towards the sessions.

As I sat in some of the beginner classes I was surprised to see many who were far beyond the material of the class. They often shared their experiences and techniques and this greatly enhanced the class material. Every so often one of them would discover one or two things in the session that they were thrilled to learn. And that apparently was the reason for their presence in the beginner classes; learning new ways to do basic everyday things.

I will definitely be there next year. Thanks for putting on a great conference.

Steven Hinaga
DataCraft, Inc.

Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC

West Wind Technologies
F1 Technologies
DBI Technologies
Sybase iAnywhere