Southwest Fox 2007

Southwest Fox 2007 has the best lineup of VFP speakers on the planet, including many MVPs and book and magazine authors.

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Marcia Akins Marcia Akins

The 26 Hour Day
QuickBooks Automation

Rick Borup Rick Borup

Framework Fundamentals
So You Want to be an Independent Developer

Craig Boyd Craig Boyd

ClickOnce Deployment
The Power of Regular Expressions

Mike Feltman Mike Feltman

Error Handling in VFP 9

Toni Feltman Toni Feltman

What's All This Noise About OOP?
Introduction to the DBI Controls Included in Sedna

Tamar E. Granor Tamar E. Granor

The Why and How of Test Data
Making the Most of the Toolbox

Doug Hennig Doug Hennig

Best Practices for Vertical Application Development
Developing Visual FoxPro Applications for Windows Vista

Whil Hentzen Whil Hentzen

So You've Inherited an Application. Now What?
Introduction to Client-Server Using VFP and MySQL

Michael Hogan Michael Hogan

No Boundaries: Visual FoxPro Web Applications (pre-conference)
254 Fields in that Table? MetaTables Using XML: Tables Within Tables

Andy Kramek Andy Kramek

Introduction To Client-Server Development with VFP using SQL Server (pre-conference)
Designing a Database

Cathy Pountney Cathy Pountney

Outfox the VFP Report Writer: Printing on My Terms
Getting Your Head Around the VFP ReportListener

Steve Sawyer Steve Sawyer

Basic Marketing for Custom Business Software Services
Software Project Management

Rick Schummer Rick Schummer

SQL Server Toolkit for the VFP Developer
VFPX Tools and Components - Live

Alan Stevens Alan Stevens

Integrating Windows Forms UI Elements with Existing Applications
Test-Driven Development (pre-conference)

Rick Strahl Rick Strahl

Introduction to using AJAX in FoxPro Web Applications
Calling VFP COM Components from ASP.Net

Christof Wollenhaupt Christof Wollenhaupt

On the Dark Side of FoxPro
Using CVS and Subversion with VFP
Introduction to COM

Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC

West Wind Technologies
F1 Technologies
DBI Technologies
Sybase iAnywhere