Southwest Fox 2016
Southwest Xbase++ 2016

September 22-25, 2016
SanTan Elegante Conference Center
Gilbert, AZ

Pre- and Post-Conference Training

Want even more training than Southwest Fox provides? Plan on arriving a couple of days early or stay a day later to attend one of both of these additional workshops.

West Wind Web Connection Training

Are you a Web Connection Developer looking for an opportunity to expand your skill set and hobnob with other Web Connection experts? Then look no further than this year's Web Connection User Conference in Gilbert, Arizona at the SanTan Elegante Conference & Reception Center and Legado Hotel, just prior to the Southwest Fox conference this year.

Immerse yourself in two days of training presented by Rick Strahl, creator of the Web Connection Framework, so you can learn from the horse's mouth how to utilize the powerful features of Web Connection. This year's presentations focus on the new features of Web Connection 6.0 and on building xMobile capable client centric Web applications.

So join us and take your Web Connection skills to the next level. For more information, see the West Wind Web Connection Training page.

FoxInCloud Training Conference

Once again FoxInCloud and Vinitsky Consulting are offering a two-day training conference immediately after this year's Southwest Fox in Gilbert, AZ. Everything you need to know to run your VFP applications as HTML!

Send your development team into the Cloud! Join FoxInCloud US for a two-day workshop guaranteed to jump-start your Cloud products! Registration and more information are at Or email

Migrate your clients to the Cloud—using Visual FoxPro and FoxInCloud!

FoxInCloud makes it easy to adapt your Visual FoxPro code to the cloud. Run your app in a browser as native HTML/VSS/JS while maintaining the option for a deskop app as well!

You and your users can enjoy the security of a proven technology without compromising on innovation. FoxInCloud combines the best features of the Visual FoxPro object model with the rich and versatile user interface found in the HTML/CSS model. Best of all, FoxInCloud allows you to maintain a single version of your software for Cloud and LAN users.

No conversion - leverage your VFP experience!/

This year registration is only $495 per person! The conference is in the same hotel as SW Fox, Monday September 26 - Tuesday September 27.

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