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Southwest Fox 2024

September 26-29, 2024
Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix-Scottsdale
Scottsdale, AZ

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Post-Conference Training

Want even more training than Southwest Fox provides? Plan on staying Sunday afternoon to attend this FREE additional workshop.

Migrating Your VFP App to .NET with X#


In this workshop, Robert will show you how to migrate an existing VFP application from VFP to .NET.

We will first convert the application from a VFP project to a Visual Studio (VS) solution. The conversion will take your code, forms, menus, custom components, and classes and create source files for each of the elements. This will be combined with a special class library that runs VFP forms in .NET using Windows Forms with very little changes. As a sample application, we will an existing application that we received from a customer. However, if you have a (not too big) application that you want to try to convert (and are willing to show to others), you can also present us that application during the conference. We will then try to convert that application.

After the application has been converted to a VS Solution, we will compile it and fix issues found in the project. Since VS is a new environment for many VFP developers, Robert will also briefly explain how VS works. During the workshop, Robert will show the most common problems (challenges) found when porting an existing application and the proposed solutions for these problems. At the end of the workshop, we will see a first working version of the application in .NET.

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