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Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund

Geek Gathering is pleased to announce that the 2012 Ceil Silver Ambassador is Jun Tangunan.

Jun TangunanJun is the IT Manager of Shorncliffe (PNG) Ltd., a sister company of Papindo Group of Companies in Papua New Guinea. He graduated with a BSc in Accounting and has worked as a System Analyst at a bank in the Philippines. In addition to software development, he is experienced in hardware and software troubleshooting. In 2008 he found Foxite by accident and started participating in the forum. Since then, he has become a consistent ranking member for five consecutive years. He has extending his assistance outside the forum by blogging at and He is also the author of the ssClasses library, which includes classes such as ssExcelPivot, which creates Microsoft Excel PivotTables, ssPolyClock, a 100% VFP clock widget, and ssDropCalc, a dropdown calculator class. "I love to share. Plus everything I know now just comes from various individuals, both from experts and newbies alike. So it is just fair to give those back to them."

About the Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund

Many VFP developers around the world provide incredible contributions to the VFP community, such as working on VFPX projects, blogging about techniques and code to do cool things in VFP, or providing exemplary support in various VFP forums. However, for most of them, attending a conference such as Southwest Fox isn't feasible.

The Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund raises money from the VFP community to bring a developer to the Southwest Fox conference as an ambassador for the developers in his or her country. This gives the recipient the opportunity to meet and share experiences with developers attending Southwest Fox and gives other attendees the opportunity to learn about VFP development in the recipient's country.

The Fund is named in memory of Ceil Silver, a long-time member of the Visual FoxPro community, who passed away in January, 2009. Ceil served as Editor of FoxPro Advisor's Tips and Tricks column for many years and was the founder of the Westchester County FoxPro chapter of PADD, the Professional Association of Database Developers. She was also a contributing author to Special Edition Using Visual FoxPro 6. Ceil understood the value of attending professional conferences, and continued to attend them until her failing health prevented it.