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Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund

Thanks to the generosity of the VFP community, we have enough money to bring two developers to Southwest Fox as 2010 Ceil Silver Ambassadors. Geek Gatherings is pleased to announce that César Chalom and Bernard Bout have been selected as the ambassadors for Brazil and Australia, respectively. We are very excited that César and Bernard can attend Southwest Fox 2010 and know that many attendees are looking forward to meeting them in person.

César, a software developer from São Paulo, Brazil, has worked with VFP since 2003, and is an active member of the Brazilian VFP community. He has attended the Brazilian VFP conference since 2004 and presented sessions at the conference in 2006 and 2008. He is well known to the global VFP community for his contributions to several VFPX community projects, including GDIPlusX and FoxCharts. (VFPX,, is the primary VFP community development site.) His blog ( is an excellent source of technical material on GDIPlusX and other VFP topics.

Bernard BoutBernard Bout is a VFP developer from Brisbane, Australia. He has been developing with FoxPro and Visual FoxPro since 1992 and has moved up with every upgrade. He has been very active on Foxite since 2001 where he has produced a number of articles, contributes to the posts, and has achieved the status of "Preferred Member". He has also been a member of the Universal Thread since 2000. Bernard has been active in blogging ( all things VFP, especially on the VFPX GDIPlusX project, and has produced a number of free unique controls as well as a number of articles about VFP and a number of innovative techniques to enhance the appearance of VFP apps. He has also been active on the VFPX site, especially with testing GDIPlusX and the PEM Editor. Bernard has been married for 28 years and has two sons.

About the Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund

The Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund brings a developer to the Southwest Fox conference as an ambassador for the developers in his or her country. This gives the recipient the opportunity to meet and share experiences with developers attending Southwest Fox and gives other attendees the opportunity to learn about VFP development in the recipient's country. The Fund is financed by contributions from the VFP community, and from Geek Gatherings.

The Fund is named in memory of Ceil Silver, a long-time member of the Visual FoxPro community, who passed away in January, 2009. Ceil served as Editor of FoxPro Advisor's Tips and Tricks column for many years and was the founder of the Westchester County FoxPro chapter of PADD, the Professional Association of Database Developers. She was also a contributing author to Special Edition Using Visual FoxPro 6. Ceil understood the value of attending professional conferences, and continued to attend them until her failing health prevented it.

We urge you to consider donating any amount you see fit, small or large, to this fund. Contributions can be sent, by check to:

Geek Gatherings, LLC
Ceil Silver Ambassador Fund
42759 Flis Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48314

We can also accept donations via PayPal: PayPal

100% of donated money goes to the travel costs for the ambassador. Not a single penny is used to cover administrative costs. All time managing the fund and working through the selection process is donated; no one is paid for their time.