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Register for Southwest Fox by downloading the Registration application. Although filling in the form and sending your registration is very easy, we've created a video showing you how to use the application.

A conference brochure is available for download.

The main conference is Thursday, October 14 through Sunday, October 17, 2010. Pre-conference sessions are available on Thursday, October 14.

Register before July 1, 2010 for a $125 super-saver discount, one free half-day pre-conference session, and eligibility for drawings of the following:

Register before September 1, 2010 for a $50 early-bird discount.

Main Conference Pricing

Super-saver price (before July 1, 2010): $620
Early-bird price (before September 1): $695
Regular price (September 1 and later): $745

Pre-Conference Pricing

Super-saver price (before July 1, 2010): First one free! Second one is $99
Regular price (July 1 and later): $99 per session

What's Included

  • Entrance to the keynote on Thursday evening.
  • Entrance to all conference sessions on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday**.
  • Entrance to any bonus sessions offered in the evening.
  • Lunch Friday and Saturday.
  • Dinner Friday night.
  • Access to all whitepapers (required for each session), examples and slides (if offered by the speaker). These will be available on our FTP site before the conference starts so you can read in advance, print out, and bring to the conference if you like.
  • Access to the vendors area where vendors will be selling tools, products, and services.
  • Lots of time to network with other Visual FoxPro developers.
  • Conference booklet (PDF if you accept the "green registration").
  • Conference t-shirt (if you register before we order them on September 22)
  • Conference bag with materials.
  • Lots of networking opportunities with the presenters and other conference attendees.

**Each of the 24 regular sessions are offered twice each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which means at best you can attend just over half of them. This is why it is so important that each speaker provides a white paper for their sessions. You can read up on the materials you cannot see in person and even contact the speaker with questions after the conference, or during the conference if you wish. Our speakers are some of the best in the world and are very open to discussing their topics anytime during the conference.

Our session schedule will be available in early September. Sessions will run in three rooms during a given time slot. You have the sometimes difficult job of picking which session you want during each time slot. We will also have the KOKOPELLI application available in early September which does a pretty good job of helping you pick sessions you are most interested in and it will suggest a schedule that best fits your choices.


Optionally you can attend pre-conference sessions in the morning and afternoon Thursday (lunch is included if you sign up for two sessions). These are $99 each; the first one is free if you register before July 1, 2010.

Other Costs to Budget

  • Parking at your home airport if you do not take a taxi or get a ride from someone else.
  • Travel to and from Phoenix (typically airfare unless you live within driving distance).
  • Travel from the Phoenix airport to the conference hotel and return to the airport.
  • Hotel room.
  • Other meals not noted (depending on registrations we may offer breakfast as we have in past years).
  • Bar bill: people who attend the conference like to extend their day talking about Visual FoxPro and catching up with friends.

User Group Discount

Geek Gatherings is offering a unique discount to user groups. Please see the User Groups page for details.

Southwest Fox Scholarships

Do you want to get some of your conference fee covered by Southwest Fox platinum sponsors White Light Computing and Tomorrow's Solutions? See the Scholarship page for details.

Conference Attendance Justification Help Offer

Is your boss giving you a hard time about attending a VFP conference? Let us know. Rick Schummer is willing to talk to or email each and every one of them to help you get the okay to head to any FoxPro conference. He is totally serious. Rick has fought numerous times with former bosses to get himself to a conference as well as teammates. He has a way of getting them to see the light!