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Pre and Post-Conference Training

Want even more training than Southwest Fox provides? Plan on arriving a couple of days early or stay a day later to attend one of both of these additional workshops.


West Wind Web Connection training 

West Wind Web Connection

West Wind Technologies is hosting Web Connection 5.0 training with Rick Strahl again this year. Training will be held on Wednesday, October 13 and Thursday, October 14 at the conference hotel immediately preceding Southwest Fox. Focus is on the new features in the Web Connection Web Control Framework and building an application from start to finish. The training applies to Web Connection developers of all levels and provides best practices and lots of practical how-to tips and tricks in working with Web Connection. If you're just starting you can learn from the ground up and if you're a seasoned Web Connection developer you can take home best practices approaches and tricks for Web Connection and Web Development in general. For more information, see the West Wind Web Connection Training page.


Visual Extend FoxRockX

VFP to Silverlight Workshop (free)

Uwe Habermann and Venelina Jordanova are presenting a free one-day "VFP to Silverlight" workshop on Monday, October 18, the day after Southwest Fox ends. This workshop has the following sessions:

Silverlight Business Application

This session gives a short introduction into Silverlight and Visual Studio 2010. What is Silverlight? What can we do with it? Why do we need it? During this session we will develop a Silverlight business application without any programming. A data model and a domain service will be generated. A Silverlight client will be created with base functionality. Then, at the server site, a VFP COM server will be used to access VFP and SQL Server databases. This VFP COM server will also contain business logic. The application will run over the Internet or in Intranets.

Migration of VFP Applications to Silverlight

How can existing VFP controls or even forms be redesigned in Silverlight? Which properties are available in Silverlight? How do Silverlight controls behave? We will show ways how to create Silverlight user interfaces that are similar to existing VFP user interfaces, including MDI forms.

VFX - Silverlight Wizard

The next version of Visual Extend will come with a wizard that allows the migration of forms and reports from existing VFX and VFP applications to Silverlight. Code parts will be moved to a VFP COM server. A prepared VFX application will be migrated to Silverlight. At the end attendees will have a running Silverlight application which accesses a database simultaneously with a VFX application.

More Features and Silverlight Desktop Applications

Attendees will create a Silverlight desktop application that communicates with a VFP COM server. The COM server will implement the data access as well as the business logic. We will discuss the settings that are required to enable a Silverlight application to run out of the browser. New in Silverlight 4 is the print engine. Attendees will create a XAML report which runs in a Silverlight application.

Listen to the FoxShow #63, in which Uwe discusses this workshop and the tools his team has been working on.

Here's what attendees have said about the VFP to Silverlight workshop:

I attended the sessions held by Uwe and Venelina in Vienna and was outright enthusiastic! I had already considered the concept of Silverlight with version 1 very interesting, especially Microsoft's approach to create a subset of WPF step by step. Now, with version 4 available, the data-binding feature finally appears to have reached a level that makes it interesting and usable for us - the Visual FoxPro developers.

After the roadshow I was able to test features right away and on my own. Those features I would never have learned of by myself. Or the lots of new concepts and functionalities would have confused me to the point of losing interest in the whole thing.

I got the same feedback from my colleagues at the event: They had a look at Silverlight before, but on their own they never really got far enough to make it worth the effort. In the step by step introductions, a lot of details were made clear to them. And with your brilliant migration tool a lot of Visual FoxPro developers certainly should have a smooth start moving to the world of .NET. Thank you very much for this great event!

Everything worked smoothly and Uwe and Venelina did a great job. I believe the presentation and the demos impressed the attendees very much.

I have to admit that the sessions about Silverlight and VFP were a surprise to the positive for me. Everyone who has the chance to attend one of the events should do so by any means. The presentations are designed in a way that even someone who never worked with Silverlight and/or C# still gets an easy to grasp introduction to the complete topic and can create his first application.



Visual FoxPro Workshop with Ken Levy

Ken Levy is hosting a free full-day workshop for FoxPro developers. If you are attending Southwest Fox or you are in the Phoenix area at that time, you should attend this pre-conference workshop on Wednesday, October 13 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Ken will demonstrate and discuss how features common to Visual FoxPro applications are developed in Servoy; cool Servoy features not supported in Visual FoxPro; how Servoy works with DBF tables in existing FoxPro applications; and the benefits to FoxPro developers in adding Servoy expertise to their toolkit. And much more.

Lunch will be provided.

Please also read Ken's letter to the FoxPro community here.

Servoy is a sponsor and exhibitor at Southwest Fox. Be sure to stop by the Servoy booth, and attend the special demo-centric vendor session which Ken Levy will be presenting.

To register for this workshop, email Carla Benassi today, as space is limited.