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Change of Venue

For the last three years, our venue for Southwest Fox has been the Arizona Golf Resort and Conference Center, and until recently we expected this would be true for 2010 as well. But things have changed to a point where we cannot hold our conference there this year. This was not an easy decision since the Arizona Golf Resort has served our conference well and was an excellent venue for our gathering.

The good news is we have found a new conference center that can host us in the same general geographic location and during the same October 14-17, 2010 dates. We are happy to announce Southwest Fox 2010 is packing up and moving a little south to the SanTan Elegante Conference & Reception Center in Gilbert, Arizona. See the Hotel page for details.

In many ways this is an upgrade. The conference center and hotel are brand new. Additionally, the rooms are a little cheaper at $119 a night. Less than a mile from the hotel and conference center is a nice mall with lots of great restaurants.

If you have a room already booked at the Arizona Golf Resort, you should cancel it and make a new reservation at the Legado Hotel (the official hotel on the same grounds as the SanTan Elegante). Please use the same SWFox group code when registering.

We recommend you use the same transportation services to get you from the airport, which include T&T Transportation and SuperShuttle. Again, you might have to change your existing reservations if you have already booked rides.